Aerial remote sensing
We use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) as carriers for selected sensors to create accurate overview information and to increase sensing throughput. We mainly utilize multi- and hyperspectral camera systems for detailed plant canopy inspection.
Field robotics
We develop field robots for various applications, going from automated sensing to field operations. We focus on the creation and integratation of autonomous navigation systems for both indoor and outdoor environements.
Tractor mounted sensors
We utilize sensors, which we mount on our tractors’ roofs or booms to observe within-field plant or soil variation. We use the sensors to trigger commands for steering, variable fertilization or spraying for plant protection.
When commercial solutions are inexistent, or simply does not fit what we aspire to achieve, we do create our own, in-house prototypes. Going from  fixed-wing UAVs with vertical take-off and landing capabilities, to nozzle-level based sprayer for precise fertilizer application. 

Center for Precision Agriculture

The Center for Precision Agriculture (CPA) was established in August 2016 and is situated at NIBIO Apelsvoll in Kapp in Østre Toten community in Norway. The purpose of the CPA is to contribute to a resource-efficient and sustainable agriculture by shortening the time-span farmers need to adopt new agricultural technology.

A bit about precision agriculture

Precision Agriculture (PA) is about using new technology to adapt the treatment of soil and plant growth by demand, which often varies widely within the same field. This concept is thus an alternative to conventional farming, in which each field is treated uniformly. By means of PA, we may for example perform spraying (weed- and disease control) and apply fertilizers and lime at variable rates according to the site-specific requirements. These requirements are mapped by putting together information from many sources, in which detailed data from various sensor systems, spectrally enhanced cameras and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) play a central role. Such equipment can be mounted on tractors, autonomous robots (unmanned ground vehicle, UGV), drones (unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV), helicopter and planes, and on satellites.

What we are working on at the center

At CPA we develop and test technological solutions for both current and future PA. Our research and development activity is concentrated on the following topics:

Precision fertilization
Precision weeding (both chemical and mechanical)
Advanced agricultural technology and equipment (autosteering, equipment management, decision support)
Robotization and automation
Spatio-temporal data handling and multivariate statistics


We work together with many partners, both in Norway and abroad, which together cover a wide span from end users (e.g. interested farmers, the Farmers’ Union), via stakeholders in the agricultural key market (e.g. Yara Norway, Yara Research Center Hanninghof, Felleskjøpet Agri), to selected technology companies and research centers (e.g. Adigo AS, Garford Farm Machinery Ltd, IMEC). In addition, we cooperate extensively with the scientific community in many countries. Our network is continuously under expansion.