The picture of staff shows the team on a filed with different farming equipment


The research at the CPA relies on the multi-disciplinary knowledge of our staff. We are a team of researchers and research technicians with background in a variety of disciplines, especially agronomy, soil science, weed science, geoinformatics and robotics.

Core group

Kjersti Balke Hveem

Head of the center, Kjersti has a Master’s degree as an engineer within product development and materials, and experience from working within several different industries. She enjoys working in cross-disciplinary teams and with drawing connection lines between different areas of expertise. In the interface between technology and agronomy, one of Kjersti’s goals is to contribute to bringing cutting edge agriculture technology and research closer to the farmer. Kjersti is the person to contact if you have any questions or requests concerning the Centre for Precision Agriculture.

Krzysztof Kusnierek

Krzysztof is a researcher who is specialized on the development and testing of different camera and sensor systems. He largely utilizes multivariate statistics and works amongst others with early fungi detection in wheat and combined detection of stressors that affect the crop simultaneously. His research area also comprises precision fertilization, web-based decision support systems, web programming, and the development of robotic systems.

Jakob Geipel

Jakob is a researcher and expert for utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) for sensor measurements in agriculture. He focuses amongst others on hyperspectral remote sensing, photogrammetry, image processing, geo-information, programming, prototyping, and multivariate statistics. His field of research comprises both grain and forage production.

Kristian Rindal

Kristian is a technician of the Center. He has Agricultural experience from his family farm with Cattle breeding and sheep production. His education consists of a Bachelor in agriculture along with a Bachelor in Marketing and Leadership of Tourism Organisations. This enables Kristian to contribute with a first-hand experience and practical approaches with a theoretical competence as a basis.

Malin Larsen Græsdahl

Malin is a technician of the center. She has a master’s degree in biology and education with experience in agriculture. With her broad spectrum of knowledge in botany, scientific method and first-hand experience in agriculture, she is well equipped to help approach new developments in precision agriculture.

Jiangsan Zhao

Jiangsan is a researcher specialized in plant phenotyping using deep learning and spectral image super-resolution methods. He also has a Doctor’s degree in agriculture with profound knowledge in crops and soils. He has been working on data exploration and their fusion from different platforms for more effective plant phenotyping and precision agriculture.

Crop experts group 

Audun Korsaeth

Audun is the director of Division of food production and society, he is  a researcher with a broad background in agriculture. He has worked with research question linked to precision agriculture since 2001, and has led many large projects in this research area. He has a quite extensive national and international network, and works primarily with project development and innovations.

Anne Kjersti Bakken

Anne Kjersti is a researcher educated as a plant physiologist who has later specialized on forage production and ruminant production systems in Norway. She has conducted research on environmental issues related to agriculture and at CPA she is responsible for activities in precision fertilization and timing of harvests to forage crop yield and quality development.

Therese With Berge

Therese is a researcher who is specialized on site-specific weed detection as well as chemical and mechanical weeding technology. She works in the interface of sensing and agronomy, including the development of decision algorithms for weed control based on sensor and image data. She predominantly works with wheat cropping systems.

Anita Sønsteby

Anita is a plant physiologist and fruit and berry researcher. She focuses on the interaction of the environment and different cultivars in fruit and berry production. She works on the optimization of the fruit and the berry quality as well as the improvement of in- and outdoor cultivation systems (e.g. fertilization, temperature), adapted to the individual plant development stages. Her research also comprises the development of methods for an accurate determination of the phenological stage.

Tomasz Leszek Woznicki

Tomasz is a horticultural researcher. He focuses on the using of semi-controlled systems in berry production. He works on the optimization of the berry quality and yield by the adjustment of fertigation strategy to plant requirements and environmental conditions. His research also comprises the implementation of alternative growing media into horticultural industry.

Pia Heltoft

Agronomist and researcher with potato and vegetables as the main area. She focuses on postharvest issues related to product quality, agronomy, cultivation technique, storage technology, pre-storage handling, sprout control, air composition in store and storage diseases. She also works with golf grass as a second area of ​​research and is responsible for testing grass species and varieties for golf greens in the Nordic countries, where there is a particular focus on disease resistance and tolerance to abiotic stress (frost, ice, water, etc.).

Till Seehusen

A civil agronomist and researcher with the department of grain and seed crops with an office at Apelsvoll. He works with grain and agronomy as his main area and specializes in soil structure and soil physics. He works mostly with issues related to soil compaction, tillage and cultivation techniques. He also works with general questions about grain production and yield gaps as well as questions about climate adaptation of grain production in Norway.