NIBIO Apelsvoll is a research center with a long-lasting tradition of field and greenhouse research. We have about 80 ha of irrigated, arable land designated for field experiments and on-farm field trials, and our research covers many crops and research topics. Our qualified and experienced team of research technicians ensures profound agricultural management and research quality. Our greenhouse facilities enable us to grow plants under controlled conditions and extend our research season significantly. We also have a precision workshop where we develop/modify our sensors and platforms, and which allows us to customize other equipment to our research needs.


We recently built a new tunnel where we are running tests on new cultivation methods for berries. 

Tech workshop

Our Tech workshop is where we develop our robotic platforms, create prototypes, and work on  our electrical vehicles. 

Spectral lab

The spectral lab is our refuge for our sensor callibration processes. It is equipped with an integration sphere, refletance panels, and multiple hyperspectral sensors. 

UAV workshop

As we do our in-house drones developements, the UAV workshop is where we modify existing platforms, create new ones, and work on any UAV related tasks.

3D printing room

Creating prototypes implies that some parts cannot be found off-the-shelf. We are using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in order to create those needed parts, and manufacture them using our 3D printers. 

Photovoltaic system

One of the goals of our CPA is to contribute actively to a more sustainable farming. To this end, and as a part of the SolarFarm project, we have 351 m 2 of solar panels on the barn at our research station in Apelsvoll.