The picture of Robotization and automation shows a rooter presentation outside from above

Robotization and automation

Since 2014, we have utilized autonomous robots for increased efficiency in measuring campaigns in our field trials, related to several projects. This has been obtained by mounting multiple sensors on the robot platform, and utilizing RTK-GNSS based navigation for repeated measuring routines. In addition, we develop and adapt solutions for the automation of work-demanding manual farming tasks, in particular within the horticultural sector. We also work on autonomous navigation systems for autonomous vehicles. We develop our own navigation schemes that allow a given mobile robot to navigate safely in both indoor (greenhouses), or outdoor (open fields) environments. To help in reducing soil compaction and greenhouse gases emissions from diesel-based machinery, we focus as well on multi-electrical vehicle navigation, where we develop leader-follower navigation schemes that allow a fleet of light-weight vehicles to navigate together inside the field using only a manned electrical tractor as a leader.