Big News for CPA


The Center for Precision Agricultural had a good start on the New Year with latest innovation within sustainable Agriculture technologies. We are proud to announce that the Solectrac eUtility, the first electrical, conventional tractor available at the market has finally arrived at Apelsvoll. We are very much looking forward to discovering this machines potentials and uses.

The tractor has a gross weight of about 2 tonnes (4500lbs), delivers up to 50 electric horsepower and has a PTO delivering 540RPM. The rear lifting arms can lift up to 450kg (1000lbs). The tractor is equipped with 2-4 transmission with an additional electric reverser (H/L, 1-4 +R), and are capable of a top speed of 32km/h (20mph).

Solectrac LLC in California, USA, builds the tractor.