Between rain and spring work, the Centre for precision agriculture had the pleasure of receiving the minister of food- and agriculture Olaug Bollestad. Accompanied by local politicians and some leaders from NIBIO, the minister got an insight in the advances achieved within precision agriculture at Apelsvoll.

Thermal cameras, HUGINogMUNIN upgrades, Multivehicle navigation including our new electrical tractor Arvaker followed by our autonomous robot tractor Alsvinn, The use of alternative substrates in strawberries production, And the development of a new method for more precise fertilization of berries were some of what was presented to the minister. The centre were particularly proud to unveil its newest project PRESIS, which is scheduled to begin in October 2019.

Chouaib presents ARVAKER to the minister

Presenting the new electrical tractor to the minister.

Håvard driving ARVAKER while ALSVINN is following autonomously

A demonstration of the concept of multi-vehicle navigation

The minister tries out ARVAKER

A short ride for the minister on ARVAKER.

Tomasz explains the different substrates

Presenting the different substrates in strawberries production.