Welcome to Technology Day on precision plant protection NIBIO Apelsvoll, Center fpr Precision Agriculture 19 September 2023

There are increasingly strict requirements for the use of pesticides, while some changes in operating practices, e.g. increased share reduced tillage introduces new challenges. Pesticides are expensive, and precise allocation will not only reduce the environmental impact from agriculture, but can also provide opportunities to reduce the farmer’s costs. This year, we will therefore focus on plant protection and how technology for precision plant protection can provide better utilization and more precise application of various plant protection measures.

Technology Day 2023 is a day for those who are interested in agricultural technology and precision agriculture within plant protection. Here there will be inspiring subject papers, exhibitions and demonstrations from a number of Norwegian players in agricultural technology. The day will be a unique opportunity to see the diversity that exists within this area in Norway, some indicators of what is to come, and a great opportunity to meet others who are concerned with agricultural technology.

The event is a collaboration between the Center for Precision Agriculture and the various specialist departments in NIBIO. The day is organized with the support of the State Administrator of the Interior.

If your company wishes to participate with an exhibition or demonstration, there are still opportunities for this. Please contact Kjersti Balke Hveem (kjersti.balke.hveem@nibio.no) for inquiries about this.

Further details about the program are updated continuously.

Participation and lunch are free.

Link to program and registration: https://nibio.pameldingssystem.no/teknologidag-om-presijsonsplantevern?fbclid=IwAR3-rs0wQCVWBgpo6A8IhKJ4SPNGUDstick-SFGy5aDqxwZogEnoYIIBcKs#/homee