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Innlandet Fylkeskommune, Statsforvalteren i Innlandet, NIBIO Center for precision agriculture

Precision Hectare

The goal of the Precision Hectare is to create a meeting place with a capital M for everyone working with precision agriculture – both regionally in Innlandet county and on a national level. The project also has an ambition to be a venue for demonstration of precision ag technology. The project consists of an area of one hectare on our Apelsvoll research station, and is managed with the intent of beeing a true interface between technology and agronomy, research, education and practice.

The Precision Hectare is thought as a longterm concept, with a main theme selected for each year. Each year is ended with an evaluation and suggestions for themes for the coming year(s).

2021 was the project’s first year, with the main topic “How to efficiently map the farms soil and area resources and store and benefit from collected data”. This is fundamental to all precision agriculture and has shown to be a focusarea of many farmers with an interest in precision agriculture. During the year we have mapped the area with an EM38, collected soil samples and harvest samples, as well as performed weekly drone missions. An evaluation of different FMIS (Farm Management Information System) for handling data gathered for an area cultivated using precision agriculture techniques is coming up next, and will take pace during Q1 2021. 

For 2022, the main topic will be precision fertilizing. A repetition of our 2021 agritech meeting and exhibition is planned with the same topic.