01.01.2020 – 31.12.2024

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Avtalepartene i jordbruksoppgjøret


Precision agriculture in practice- Research based development and quality control of climate friendly services, which is profitable for the farmer

The main purpose of this project is to develop a whole system, which can provide all Norwegian farmers who want access to user friendly, technological services, which are well tested and adapted for Norwegian conditions, and which grants the farmers private ownership of the stored and collected data. This will be information services, which has the potential to reduce unnecessary climate- and environment strains from agriculture, and/or provide increased efficiency along with better economy on farm basis. Tailored user interface and counselling aimed towards the meeting point between new technology and agronomy shall be an integrated part of the system. 

The project will reach its main goal through four intermediate objectives:

  1. Establish a standardized digital infrastructure, which opens for a simpler exchange of data between the user, external data-sources and the provider of services.
  2. Operationalize research based, technological solutions.
    • Develop a generalized method for executing the operationalization process from starting point, via acquiring data for calibration/adaptation, towards the final evaluation and quality control/ testing of the final solution.
    • Develop specific, technological services based on the generalized method, where we begin with the easiest achievable applications first.
  3. Tailored user interface and counselling aimed towards the meeting point between new technology and agronomy.
  4. Convey the system and the possibilities it gives to the industry, and make sure to have a good dialogue with active farmers and others to improve currently existing services, and to develop ideas for new systems.

The project will span over five years, scheduled to begin in January 2020.