19.10.2022 (duration 2 years)


ARD innovation


Norwegian Research Council


All major and relevant players in the Norwegian agriculture industry, including TINE, Felleskjøpet, Norsk Landbruksrådgivning (NLR), the Norwegian Directorate for Agriculture and the Norwegian Farmer’s Union has defined yield registration as one of the key bottlenecks for increased yield and quality of Norwegian forage. REQUEST will contribute to the removal of this bottleneck by providing the farmer with a simple to use, yet advanced solution for yield registration and facilitate for increased utilization of Norwegian feed resources in dairy production. The REQUEST project will verify and commercialize a modular and affordable tractor mounted sensor solution for yield registration that will be available for all farmers, regardless of prior technology choices.

The solution will make market entry at a much lower price than the main competitor and will have an integrated software solution which enables the gathered data to be processed, stored, and sent to 3rd party software providers. REQUEST has the potential to have a positive impact for the entire value chain in addition to contributing to the goals of reduced import of soy and reduced release of nitrous oxide. REQUEST yield registration data will contribute to i) the improvement of grass yield optimization; ii) a basis for grassland renewal; and iii) nutritional quality estimation. The 5-year goal for the REQUEST team is to verify an MVP and to establish a start-up company that can put the REQUEST technology on the market.

REQUEST builds upon recent results from research led by The Norwegian institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO). The aim of the project is to develop the REQUEST solution from TRL 4 to 5, through testing, developing, and verifying the REQUEST system in test and commercial fields. In addition, extensive market research and IPR assessments will be performed by NIBIO’s technology transfer office Ard Innovation (Ard), to ensure product market fit and secure
intellectual property rights.